Who are those Mask Women??

Did you know that St. Clement’s has a Mask Outreach Ministry?  Volunteers include Sharon Burke-Polana, Debbi Honeycutt, Bonnie Ward, and Elsie Webber. These dedicated women have donated their time, talent and treasure to make masks to help others stay safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. Donations for fabric also came from Sacramento Blankets for Kids, and bias tape came from Cordova Baptist Church.

The colorful masks have been delivered back to Sacramento Blankets for Kids for donation to Chowchilla Prison, Twin River School District, the VA Hospitals here and in San Francisco, Sierra Sac Valley Medical Society, Kaiser, Dignity Health and Loaves and Fishes. Additional masks were made for Randy’s Catering Company, which feeds medical workers, and BAART Programs of Sacramento Methadone Clinic .

Eighty-five masks donated to the People’s Pantry were distributed  to participants on May 19.

Kudos to these wonderful women who use their sewing machines to tackle this pandemic one mask , and one face of God, at a time!

Contact for the Mask Outreach Ministry is Sharon Burke-Polana  (916 481-0225 or  [email protected])