Music: The Ukupalians
Zoe Boughton-Mitchell

Come Play With Us!

This group is all about FUN, FELLOWSHIP, and MUSIC!

You need not be a member of St. Clements (or even be an Episcopalian!), to join. You’re a Ukupalian when you say you are!

Ukupalians love to PARTY!!! We’re always practicing seasonal music for that next party or performance. We have several different packets, including: Saint Patrick’s (for our St. Patrick’s Day Party- in March); Luau (June for our annual Luau); Patriotic (4th of July- and Veterans Day); Halloween (for our annual Chili-cookoff/ Halloween party in October{Chil-o-ween}); and Christmas Carols (for our annual St. Nicholas party).  We also take this same music out to perform at assisted living facilities-, as well as occasional church functions.

Join us some time and give us a try! We would love to add some percussion or keyboard if you play either as well- and we love folks that like to sing too!

The St. Clement’s Ukupalians currently meet from 5:30. to 6:30 p.m. on Tuesdays in the church.


Beginner’s Lessons

Even if you’ve never played a stringed instrument before, this 4-week beginner course will take you from shaping basic chord- and strum patterns, to understanding tablature and beginning finger picking.  If you’ve tried guitar and it was a little too demanding- give ukulele a try- I promise it is MUCH easier!

6 strings + 4 fingers = :( sad

4 strings + 4 fingers = :) happy

Free beginner lessons will be offered periodically. The next 5 week beginners series starts on Tuesday, August 5th at 4 p.m. We will have another beginner class in January 2018. 

We also have a Children's Ukulele Program, contact Zoe for more information.  

For more information please email me at or call or text to 916.605.9979

Peace- Love – and Ukulele

Zoe Boughton-Mitchell


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