Spring & Summer Projects
Over the Spring and Summer months of 2017 the people of St. C's have been busy with various projects. New flags were installed in the Spring. The Daughters of the King cleaned up the Parish Hall. A new banner/sign was made and installed and the ramp to the portable repaired by Randy with the help of one of our Safe Harbor Veterans.. Sharon & Guido have been working diligently on the Sacristy & doing other small projects around the church. On June 25th, a group of 20 folks gathered to do a major church clean up. Below is a note from Janelle, Senior Warden.

What an incredible cleanup day! Under the leadership of Sharon Burke-Polana and Zoe Boughton-Mitchell, an enthusiastic group went after cobwebs, dust bunnies, leaves and pine needles, built-up grime and more. Many thanks to Sharon, Zoe, Ken Dunham, Janelle Fallan, Randy Grimwood, Debbi & Len Honeycutt, Carole & Chuck Maxson, Bill & Muriel Murray, Debbie Popp, Pam & Galen Quarles, Harry Shippy, Tim Tribble and Elsie Webber.