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Keep your eye on this space for updates on the Priest-in-Charge call. 

Update on the PIC process

The Application Review Committee has received applicant packets from the Diocese, conducted telephone interviews, and checked references.

An on-site visit and interview is scheduled with one candidate. As with any personnel process, details are kept confidential. However, in important ways this is not like a secular job search.

A frequent question is “Why does this take so long?” This description of the process, from Bishop Beisner, is a good reminder of the task we face:

The process takes time, normally not less than a year, and sometimes several months beyond. It is essential that the process be accomplished in a careful manner, and that the congregation not rush to fill the void created by the departure of a priest. It is vital to keep in mind that this is a not primarily a hiring process, but a process of discerning what God is saying to us. 

“Discerning what God is saying to us” is what we all pray for. I can safely say that everyone involved at this point is optimistic and cheerful.

Thank you for your continued prayers for guidance.


St. Clement's Episcopal Church Ministry Portfolio