December 3, 2017, 7:33 PM

What St. Clement's Means to Me by Ken Dunham

First, in a few words: it means a lot. Regular church attendance, participation and the full Christian experience is important to me. I’ve always had a strong quiet Christian faith, instilled in me by parents, grandparents and family. We try to live as Christians in our lives and work, and try not to wear it on our sleeves, but in a practical sense of what we do and who we are as a family.

This is an interesting little parish and means a lot to us – and me. We’ve now been here regularly for the past four or so years after some years at Trinity in Folsom. St. Clements just seemed to be a little better fit for where we are spiritually. It was easy for me to come back here since when we first moved here now almost 12 years ago, I lived in a relocation apartment here in Rancho before Janelle could leave her position in Chicago and before we bought a house here.

I started attending here the first week I was in town in 2006 and remember the warm welcome and the comfort of the familiar ritual of the Episcopal Church.  I also think back laughing, too, about the first time I was a diocesan convention delegate from Trinity Folsom and you St. Clement’s delegates at a table nearby kept motioning for me to come on over.  OK, I’m back.