Todays sermon is titled “This Sermon is Offensive…” and is by Fr. Kenn Katona+ here at Saint Clement’s Episcopal Church!

But, it happens to people all the time… It happens when our faith becomes solely about us and about our salvation… It happens when we use Jesus’ life death and resurrection solely as a get out of jail free card… It’s happens when our faith becomes about health and wealth, instead of how we are to love God and love others… In essence, it happens when our faith becomes about us… You see, the more and more our faith becomes a consumer Christianity, the less and less room there is for actually following Jesus and following his commands to love God and love others… And that, is the kind of religious hypocrisy that Jesus hated!
It’s funny though how consumer-Christianity has become the norm in so many churches here in the West… Well, actually, it’s not really very funny at all… You see, when people buy into the gospel of consumer-Christianity… The true gospel of Jesus Christ becomes offensive to their selfish understandings of how the world should work… Grace is offensive, mercy is offensive, unconditional love, is offensive. Forgiveness is offensive…

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