Dear St. Clement’s friends,
Rejoice! The weather is cooperating! This week we will be running our “beta test” that we rescheduled from last week. This means that the worship schedule this week is as follows:
Sunday, May 28:00 AM Zoom Eucharist (please connect with Pam Quarles to pick up wafers)10:00 AM In-person Outdoor Eucharist
Please remember that all COVID safety requirements remain in place for all our worship. At the in-person outdoor Eucharist, this includes:

  • Bring your own chair and Book of Common Prayer
  • Face coverings (cloth or surgical masks) must be properly worn at all times
  • Maintain distance of at least six feet from anyone outside your household
  • Communion will be wafers only, distribution instructions will be given
  • We pass the peace by waving or with other appropriate gestures
  • Music will be instrumental only
  • Communal recitation, such as prayers and the Creed, are permitted

Your Regathering Committee has been meeting regularly and is doing excellent work. Most recently, we created a task force to keep current on the most recent recommendations and research about COVID safety. If you have any questions about this work, or if you have any articles or information to share with the task force, please email me (mtrbetsey@saint-clements.com). 
I look forward to seeing you soon, either online or in person!
Easter Blessings,Betsey