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Veterans' Facts and How Can I Help


22 Veterans will commit suicide today

As staggering as this number may sound it is probably an underestimation of the issues facing our veterans. Our nation is losing veterans to suicide at an alarming rate numbering many times more than all the combat deaths since 9/11.

Moral Injury is at the root of many psychological issues facing our returning troops and veterans. It is a wound that occurs when a person violates their own moral code. Given today’s high suicide rate among our nation’s veterans it is critical that houses of worship and organizations be aware of this invisible wound of war.


Moral Injury

In any faith-based society we are brought up under the basic rule that life is sacred … “thou shalt not kill.” All the religions of the world state this belief in various ways, it forms the basis of being a civilized society. Yet in war, we place our men and women in situations where they have a duty to fight and kill others. This moral conflict can be devastating for returning servicemen and women (and their families). For many this struggle emerges years after the events of war. It can be seen in many forms PTSD, Moral Injury, Alcoholism, Homelessness. ... all can be the result of these moral conflicts.


How can you help? 

~Pray and support our Veteran's and families 

~Donate to St. Clement's Safe Harbor Project


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