St. Clement’s is Searching for a new Priest in Charge.

Come Live and Work in Sunny California!

Rancho Cordova is a small multi-cultural city outside of Sacramento, California

About us: We are the “little church on the corner with a big heart.” Our mission statement is “to know God; to love God; to make God known.” St. Clement’s is in the heart of a working-class neighborhood and many of our parishioners live within a few miles of our church.

We share Bishop Curry’s vision of inclusion and equality for all people. We are from many different cultural backgrounds and educational levels, and our lay vocations cover a broad spectrum. More information about us can be found at 

Preface: The priest in an Episcopal Church occupies a unique position being, at one and the same time, an employee, the Chair of the Vestry, a colleague in ministry with all the baptized, and the pastor with responsibility for the spiritual well-being of all the members of the parish.


Our next priest will support and guide our actions to achieve the ideals of our mission statement.

The priest will have primary responsibility for worship according to the Book of Common Prayer. Included in this responsibility is worship for Sundays and Holy Days, including coordination with the Music Director.


  • Offer sermons each week based ordinarily on the lectionary readings for the day.  When appropriate, invite other preachers – either clergy or lay.
  • Coordinate and/or supervise the work of all other participants in worship, including readers, lay eucharistic ministers, choirs, musicians, and all others. 
  • Develop other worship opportunities and services as appropriate. 
  • Offer baptism, marriage, burial, confirmation, reaffirmation as appropriate, including any educational preparation for these sacraments.
  • Spend regular time in prayer and in study of the Bible. 

Christian Formation and Education

  • Teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ by word and example. 
  • Oversee Christian Education in the parish, including education for young people and adults. 
  • Participate in continuing education programs for his or her own growth and development as appropriate. 

Lead and support outreach in the community

  •    Lead and support us in reaching out to and welcoming members of the larger community into the Church.
  • Model the hospitality of Christ by welcoming all sorts and conditions of persons into the church. 
  • Equip the laity to proclaim by word and example the good news of God in Christ. 

Serve as pastor of the parish

  • Oversee the care of individuals and families in joy and sorrow, including spiritual counseling as may be required. 
  • Offer pastoral care in relation to birth, marriage and death. 
  • Make referrals for counseling and other services. 
  • Equip the laity for extending pastoral care to one another. 
  • Supervision of volunteer staff persons and, when appropriate, making staff contracts in consultation with the Vestry. 
  • Oversight of the administration of the life of the church, in consultation with the Vestry.
  • Prepare for and chair Vestry meetings. 

Devote time to Self-Care

  • Model good self-care by managing times of work and rest.
  • Tend to the quality of personal spiritual life through retreats, days of refreshment, spiritual direction, and other appropriate means. 

Encourage the Church to serve the world outside of the local community

  • Model concern and care for the needs of the world. 
  • Assist in the development of ministries of service to the wider community. 
  • Open the church facilities for use by the larger community. 

·     Take his or her share in the life and ministry of the Diocese of Northern California.

This is a 3/4 time position. Salary begins at $52,000.  Full benefits provided (clergy +1)

Four weeks paid time off, two weeks continuing education.

To apply, please send resume, cover letter and OTM profile to The Rev. Cn. Julie Wakelee, Interim Canon to the Ordinary, Diocese of Northern California, [email protected]