Resources for Addressing Racist Violence and Police Brutality

In this time of national upheaval, outrage, and fear, The Episcopal Church’s Department of Reconciliation, Justice and Creation Care and the Office of Government Relations have assembled resources to assist individuals, congregations and communities seeking to LEARN, PRAY and ACT.

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May 30, 2020; 3:00 pm

The Rt. Rev. Megan M. Traquair

Dear Friends in Christ,

Even while I rejoice in the Day of Pentecost, I am in sorrowful anger at the treatment and death of Mr. George Floyd in Minnesota this week. This kind of accusation and brutal violence against our Black brothers and sisters is not new, but this deathly, repeating, pattern is increasingly visible to the widening community. As this injustice and suffering becomes unavoidably real to all, it brings forth a renewed cry for justice and change.

Communities are responding with all kinds of prayers, vigils, and protests across our nation. In some places they have experienced actors of destruction and riot. No one wants this kind of wreckage, but I believe the angry protest is from those who are long in despair and have not been heard.

Our response as followers of Jesus Christ is clear:

We kneel in prayer with the grief of Mr. Floyd’s family and all those who are victims of brutality. We kneel in prayers of repentance and lament for the healing of the nations: we acknowledge that the sin of racism, both overt and subtle, still stains our common life. We kneel in prayer for all our communities that they may be healthy and whole.

We look to the pattern of Jesus’ own life and commandments. Jesus calls us to love our neighbors, but that is so broad that we can easily lose focus on what this calls us to do. We need to expand the circle of how we define ‘neighbor’ and ask ourselves what it means to love every child of God. This work begins in our own hearts. We all have our own work to do related to these surreptitious strands of white privilege, racism, bias, and the violence in our society. I invite you, and join with you, in this work.

This kind of love is far beyond nice feelings, it is the power of redeeming love that was bought for us on the cross by Jesus. It is the incalculable gift given to us for our daily living and feeling, for action and for restraint.

We remember that our vows of baptism describe what we promise to do, and the life we aspire to grow into as intentional disciples of God through Jesus Christ. These are promises we cannot keep on our own but hold onto by the power of the Holy Spirit. We promise that we will “strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being.” We promise to “renounce all sinful desires that draw us from the love of God.” We promise to walk in the path of Love, all with God’s help.

We act out of, and walk within, that redeeming and transforming power of God’s love. Together we wade through deep waters of grief and sorrow but our steps will surely bring us to the dry land of genuine love for one another and the true peace that passes all understanding. And, just as we vow in baptism, we will do all of this not under our own power or even our own inspiration, but by the help of our loving, redeeming, and liberating God.

Our Own Fr. Kenn Katona was interviewed on KCRA on May 26th, 2020.

The People’s Pantry Requests

The next People’s Pantry is Tuesday, July 21, at the United Methodist Church of Rancho Cordova. Please consider donating non-perishable food items for this worthy cause. Since we are not gathering in church, it would be appreciated if you could drop the items off at one of two locations:

Pam and Gaylen Quarles House or Laura and Jerry Simkins House

You may also drop items off at the United Methodist Church on Sunday, July 19, between 1:30 PM and 4:00 PM.

Current Pantry needs include:

Jelly, One Can Meals, Soups, Ramen

Egg Cartons

Heavy Plastic or New Fabric Bags are also needed

(no paper bags, please)

If you are unable to donate food items directly, financial contributions to

 St. Clement’s Episcopal Church noting “People’s Pantry” on the memo line are appreciated.


Contact for this ministry is Laura Simkins


Bear one another’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill  the law of Christ. (Galatians 6:2)

St Clement’s has proven to be adept at helping to bear the burdens of others as we raised money for Outreach these last crucial months. Even in the midst of a pandemic we have stepped up to serve. Who would have thought, when we started this campaign, that we would surpass our $1500.00 by June 1 goal, to raise a total of $3345.00! The generosity of our congregation is immeasurable, and these contributions will go on to bring much relief in our community and the world.

Last week we noted here that we donated a check in the amount of $2425.00 to the People’s Pantry, which was presented to volunteers at the host site, the United Methodist Church of Rancho Cordova. This money will help the pantry to meet the needs of many more families,  and it will also enable the Pantry to provide more fresh food, in addition to shelf-stable items. The Pantry recently purchased a new refrigerator and freezer, and they are looking forward to purchasing additional storage so they can keep more items on hand.

In addition to the Pantry, funds were raised for Rancho Cordova HART, the program which serves homeless in our area, in the amount of $420.00. This should help to sustain this program during the difficult winter months, and also help with current needs for housing during the pandemic.

Lastly, we were able to raise $500.00 for Episcopal Relief and Development Covid-19 Relief. In this way, we are able to contribute to nationwide and worldwide assistance in this crucial time.

Thank you, dear friends in Christ, for your wonderful generosity as we seek to alleviate others’ suffering. You are truly a blessing.

Please note that we will keep these areas of giving open indefinitely and that we will contribute regularly to these three organizations. When we gather again, it is my hope we can invite speakers from each group to talk about their program. You can continue to donate through Realm or by check. We may not be physically together, but we are still building the City of God a little bit more each day.

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Making a difference

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Recovery Ministries

The Rev. Anne McKeever, Diocesan Recovery Facilitator

Isolation is perilous for people in recovery. We learn that our sobriety depends upon keeping connected to sober people, being accountable to others, being of service to others.

Some people in recovery attend one or more meetings a day. Many people attend several meetings a week.

With quarantines, self-isolation, and lockdowns spreading in response to the COVID-19 virus, and with many in-person support groups ceasing to meet as ordered, other sinister viruses can spread as well: powerlessness, loneliness, anxiety, fear, shame, all the hurts and harms that fuel addictive behaviors.

As our Diocesan Recovery facilitator, I’ve begun compiling this collection of online/virtual recovery support resources. It’s just the beginning. Please share with me resources you find, too.

Please share these resources with your congregations and friends. Learn who might need frequent check-ins by phone. Let’s work together to stay as healthy as possible in these tender times.

  • Rev. Anne’s article and curated list of resources are available here: conta.cc/2wr45Yj
  • Here is an additional article from Episcopal News Service: Episcopal churches reluctantly close their doors to 12 step meetings

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