Paraklete Press of California / Revised Common Lectionary Bible Study

Betty Chapman founded Paraklete Press of California and the Revised Common Lectionary Bible Study at St. Clement’s Episcopal Church on May 14, 1989.  Paraklete Press of California has been an outreach Ministry of St. Clement’s for over 20 years.   We publish The Revised Common Lectionary Bible Study as a quarterly study booklet.  We currently sell about 1,000 books annually to churches in the United States and Canada.

Many volunteers at St. Clement’s are responsible for this unique educational and spiritual venture.  Betty Chapman writes The Revised Common Lectionary Bible Study and arranges for it to be printed.  Chris and Jim Wash process the orders and mail the books.  Mickey Boughton, Bobby Keill, and Thomas Casady (Betty’s brother in Oklahoma) are proofreaders and editors.

Everyone from St. Clement’s who helps with the production of The Revised Common Lectionary Bible Study is a volunteer.  Expenses consist of advertising, envelopes, stamps, formatting, and printing costs.  The income helps to supplement the church’s annual budget.

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