A Four- Part Sermon Series

What is “The Good News?” 

  • Forgiveness of sins and the promise of salvation?
  • Liberation from oppression and the call to tear down unjust structures in society?
  • Our call to love others as Christ loved us?
  • All of the above and even more?

In this 4 Sermon Series you will hear from 4 different prominent Christian women, with different backgrounds describing their  vision of “The Good News of Jesus Christ”; what it means to them and how we can live it in our lives.

Sandra T. Montes, September 27th at 10am on Zoom

Rola Al Askar, October 11th  at 10am on Zoom

Ebony Grisom, October 25th  at 10am on Zoom

Kelly Skilton, November 8th  at 10am on Zoom As guest preachers you will find the link on the top of our homepage